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Terms & Conditions

Miljögården is one of the leading home decoration wholesalers in Sweden. To make a purchase in our online store, you must be authorized and registered as our customer. As soon as you received your login details, you will be able to see the prices. Our office and warehouse is located in Svedala, where we also have a showroom for retailers.

You can place your order in our Web shop, by e-mail or by phone. Minimum order amount for initial orders is 8 000 SEK NOK/DKK/800 EUR. 

After completing your order, an order confirmation will be automatically sent out to your registered email address. In the confirmation you will find all the information about the products, prices, billing and delivery address. In case something should be wrong in your order, please immediately get in contact with us through e-mail: info@miljogarden.com or by phone +46 40 40 86 40.

Payment and delivery
We deliver your order as soon as either all or most of the products you ordered are in stock. There may be some waiting time, due to the season and supplier delays. Internationally we ship our products with Dachser on pallets or half pallets. The shipping cost will be added to all orders, the exact amount we know as soon as we have packed your order. For your first order we like you to pay in advance and there is also a minimum order amount. On your following orders we offer 30 days credit. The complete information will be given when you are registered as our customer.

Delivery terms

Sweden/Denmark 7%
Norway 12%
Finland 15%
Germany 10%
Austria 10%
Switzerland 12% + 50 EUR in custom clearance
Poland 10%

Please note; Price/pallet 90 SEK/DKK/NOK/9 EUR. Price/half pallet 60 SEK/DKK/NOK/6 EUR

Other countries in Europe 
Please contact Miljögården for delivery costs.

Islands in Europe
Please contact Miljögården for delivery costs.

Countries and island outside of Europe
Please contact Miljögården for delivery costs.

Payment terms                 
For initial orders there is a prepayment requirement. Subsequent orders will have a payment term of 30 days net, after an approved credit check, unless otherwise agreed upon. Delayed payments registered after due date will be charged with an interest rate of 18%. At the 3rd reminder, a fee of SEK 60 will be charged. Please note that there may be additional costs for debt collection. We reserve the right to change payment terms in the event of repeated payment delays.

The prices in the store are stated in SEK (Swedish crowns), DKK (Danish Kroner), NOK (Norwegian kroner) or EUR (Euro) and all prices exclude 25% of VAT. We reserve the right to make adjustments of incorrect given prices. 

We reserve the right to adjust of incorrect given prices. In the event of price changes in exchange rates, take-home costs, and raw material prices, Miljögården reserves the right to price adjustments.

In case of any complaints of damaged goods, please contact us within 30 days from the date you received the shipment. Review your delivery properly, open up and look at the product so that you detect any damage in time.

Please handle your customer number, invoice number, and the details about the affected products and their article numbers. Please also send us photos of damaged products. If you return a product, after agreement with us, we ask you to return them packed in their original packaging and well protected to avoid damage. Before you send your complaint, you must have received approval and a complaint number from us. In the event of an incomplete complaint, we reserve the right not to approve it.

If Miljögården has delivered a product not ordered, this is to be reported no later than 8 days after delivery. Replacement goods are sent with existing backorder. In other cases, a credit note is issued. In case of product returns, the customer will pay for the freight.

Please make sure to carefully read the product information here below.

You reach us either by email: info@miljogarden.com or by phone: +46 40 40 86 40.

Transport damage
If damages to the goods and/or pallet is detected already at the time of delivery, a written note must be made on the shipping slip, which is then given directly to the driver. Customer and driver shall keep one copy each. If a remark is not made in writing, no reimbursement of the damaged goods can be made. The customer should also inform Miljögården at info@miljogarden.com.
Please send the shipment number, order number and your customer number as well as images of the damaged packaging.

Product information
We reserve the rights for any typographical errors on this website as well as eventual products out of stock. We do not guarantee that the images reflect the product's exact appearance as color difference may occur depending on your screen, the photo quality and resolution. However, we try our best to expose them as accurate as possible.

Our products are to a large extent made by hand due to this, Miljögården reserves the right that minor differences in design, dimensions, color and weight may occur.

Products made with a reactive glaze give the products a unique expression. The glaze is sensitive and the high temperature will affect the end result, products with a reactive glaze may therefore vary in colour and, this cannot be controlled.

Products in raw terracotta will have color differences as the color depends on the temperature of the oven and on the levels of iron in the clay. When used outdoors, these products will change in its appearance.

We can not guarantee that our pots and vases are 100% water resistant. Therefore, do not place the products directly on delicate surfaces. We also have pots / vases in natural materials such as wood, these need a waterproof inner container to not damage the pot.

We do not break any packaging.


Miljögården reserves the right NOT to send backorders/orders with a value less than 3000 SEK/DKK / 3000 NOK / 300 EUR. Undelivered orders are cancelled after 6 months. Orders below the above-mentioned amounts can be shipped upon request to a cost of 400 SEK/DKK/NOK/60 EUR per delivery. We reserve the right for sold out items.

Force majeure
We accept no responsibility for delays and errors due to circumstances beyond our influence, such as labor disputes, fire, war, government decisions, reduced or non-delivery from our suppliers. Furthermore, we have no responsibility for any changes of products characteristics made by the suppliers and other factors beyond our control. We are not responsible for direct or indirect damage/loss that may accure for our customers.

Retention of Title
The risk of the goods passes to the buyer immediately upon delivery, or upon collection of the goods by the buyer or its agent.

Miljögården reserves the ownership of the goods until they have been paid in full by the buyer. Until the ownership has passed to the buyer, the buyer undertakes to take good care of the goods and may not, without the consent of Miljögården, make changes to the goods, sell or otherwise dispose of them. The buyer must also ensure that the goods are kept free of charges or other liabilities.

Newsletter and e-mail
To be able to give our customers the best possible service and provide updates and information, we send out newsletters and other e-mails. When you become a customer with us, at Miljögården HB you agree that we make these mailings to you by e-mail. As a recipient of these, you can always unsubscribe whenever you want. By clicking on a link at the bottom of the mailing, you can unregister your email address from our list. You will then not receive any more emails from us, this may mean that you miss certain information from us.

Updated in March 2023

We reserve the right to make changes and printing errors.