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Miljögården's furniture

Most of Miljögården's furniture is designed by us and made by hand in our carpentry in Poland. You will find furniture that is unique and can be placed in any home, it all depends on how you style it. Our furniture is not only used for the home, part of our range is also sold for use in stores, cafes and restaurants.

About  Miljögården's furniture

At the moment Joakim, our CEO is the designer of the furniture, previously it was Joakim's parents who did the product development. Most of the furniture at Miljögården are in our own design and are handmade in our factory in Poland, owned since 1990. 

The furniture are made in pine and cast iron. All the wood come from a sawmill in Poland and since pine is a durable material, it fits perfectly as a material for a piece of furniture that is ment to last for a long time.

All material is made in the factory by people who live in the village where the factory is located. The time it takes to make a piece of furniture varies, but it takes at least two days for painting and carpentry. All furniture are available in four different colours, vintage grey, white, black and vintage brown.

Our handmade furniture is recurrent products, this means that they always are available for sale but not always in stock. We try to stock two of each product, but in certain periods a gap arises, while waiting for the next delivery. We usually have delivery intervals of between four to six weeks.

Miljögården's carpentry

In our carpentry in Poland, you can feel the fantastic smell of wood. This is where skilled carpenters make all our custom-made furniture and interior details in the finest types of wood. Please watch the video from the carpentry below.

All wood comes from a sawmill in Poland. The sawmill is FSC®-certified, which means that all the wood we use comes from responsible forestry that is sustainable for both nature and people.

Long-term quality

Miljögården's products are designed to last a long time, both in style and material. Our handmade furniture is unique and made with great skill, which we are extremely proud of. 

Craft and quality take time and in some cases this means higher prices than other mass-produced products. On the other hand it is an investment where you get a beautiful product that lasts over time.

Are you interested in buying Miljögårdens furniture?
If you are interested in buying Miljögården's furniture for your business, you as a customer can place an order via our web shop. If the item is in stock, we can deliver it when you wish, otherwise we will get back to you as soon as we receive it. See all our furniture.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.