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About Miljögården

Our Story

Miljögården was established in 1985. The company was founded by Ulf and Barbro Wihlborg, with the idea of ​​selling porcelain dolls. The company became later a wholesaler of home furnishings. In 1990, they opened their own furniture factory in Poland, where Ulf was the one designing the furniture himself.

Since 2021, it is the son of Ulf and Barbro, Joakim Wihlborg who is the new owner and CEO of the company. The office is located in Svedala near Malmo where a small, committed team works according to the motto: simplicity, solidarity and humor.

About Us today

Today, Miljögården is a supplier to the unique shop. Among our customers are also interior designers, restaurants and hotels. We offer an inspiring and carefully selected range that lasts over time. You'll find our customers around Scandinavia and all over Europe.

We offer a committed cooperation that makes everyday life easier for our customers. We work closely with our customers and want to impart knowledge, commitment, and joy.

Our mission

We want to give everyone the opportunity to Create Spaces that they Love.

"Create spaces that You Love"

Our values

  1. We want to be a healthy workplace based on solidarity, humor and understanding.
  2. We want to be a workplace where we can develop, be inspired, and feel good together.
  3. We believe in unique products made in sustainable materials that you can create spaces that you love with.
  4. We believe in creating close relationships with our customers where we meet their needs and always provide the best user and buying experience.
  5. We want to be a flexible supplier who always strives to find the best solutions for our partners.
  6. We strive to do what we can to create a more sustainable world.

Some of our goals are:

  1. Give our customers the best buying experience possible
  2. Offer our customers the products that they want
  3. Serve our customers best way possible, at all times.
  4. Be a flexible supplier that always offer the best possible solution
  5. Work sustainable, as far as possible

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