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In order to make a purchase from us you must be registered as a customer. The prices will be visible only after login. If you wish to become a reseller, please fill out and submit our customer application here. Having trouble logging in? - Click "Forgot password" or contact us!
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Miljögården + App4Sales
To make it easier for you as a customer to buy from us when you visit us at a trade fair or in our showroom, we now have an app. With the app you can scan the products you want, place your order and receive an order confirmation directly to your e-mail on your mobile phone.

The app is mainly for use at the fairs, but you can also use it on other occasions. You can still shop online in the webshop. It is up to you. Please note that the items you add to your basket in the app will not automatically be added to your basket in the web shop.

What to do now:

✔ Download the app from the Appstore or Google Play - search for App4sales
✔ Log in with your username and password, which will be sent to you in a separate email. If you are about to be approved as a new customer, you will be sent all your login details.
You can now view the products and if you wish to place an order, you can do so.
✔ The app is primarily for use on the fairs. When you arrive, you can start scanning straight away without having to check in with us. When you're finished, submit your order. You will receive an order confirmation to your e-mail inbox. If you would like to receive a printout of your order or find out more, come and see us before leaving.
Want to know more about how to log in, navigate and place an order? Below is a link to our You Tube channel where we have posted various videos on how to do this.