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Miljögårdens Sustainability work

 We all try to do our part, no one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Miljögården always strives to produce sustainable products, to be a sustainable supplier and to have a sustainable e-commerce. 

Miljögården is going through a change and large part of the change, is our sustainability work. We are currently working on the following points in general. 

  1. Miljögården aims to produce products that last a long time,in both style and material. 
  2. Some of our products are made from recycled materials. 
  3. Our inner cushions are made in Denmark, they are Oeko-Texcertified and are manufactured completely without chemicals with a cotton outer fabric. They contain a mixture of down and duck feathers and comply with the EU’s strict requirements regarding animal welfare. 
  4. The majority ofour products are brought by boat to the ports near our warehouse. From the ports it is a short way by truck.  
  5. Parts of our collection is manufactured in Europe. 
  6. We care about our staff, both within the company and the staff in the companies we work with. 
  7. We have installed solar panels on our roof. This move will significantly reduce our reliance on non-renewable energy sources. Alongside the solar panels, we've set up four electric vehicle charging points, promoting sustainable transportation for both us and our visitors.


We have already started our work, but in the next few years our goal is, to become even more sustainable. What we plan to continue to develop and improve: 

  1. Develop more durable packaging.
  2. Pack properly and do not use unnecessary packaging.
  3. Develop more products in recycled and sustainable materials to reduce resource use. 
  4. Find more or new suppliers that are closer to our warehouse.
  5. Develop our product information – pictures and texts, to give our customers a clear product description as possible.
  6. Make it easier for our customers to shop for sustainable alternatives.
  7. Climate compensation


Sustainability goals to work towards  

The World has agreed on 17 global sustainability goals to work with. The UN’s sustainability goals are a list of several areas that the world has agreed on that are the most important for achieving sustainable development by 2030. These will be a guideline and a way for us companies to know that we are working towards the right things. It also gives a feeling that we at Miljögården are part of something bigger and that we together do what we can. 

All Goals are a prerequisite for each other, just as Martin Sjölin writes in the book “The journey to sustainable e-commerce” and the division he makes in his book is something we at Miljögården are based on in our sustainability work. 

  1. Improved quality of life
  2. A fairer society
  3. A sustainable infrastructure
  4. A healthier planet.

Do you have any ideas, thoughts or questions about our work with sustainability and sustainable e-commerce? 

Please contact us.